Gold 80+ Full Modular

Corsair RM650W ⚡80+ Gold Full Modular Corsair

بور سبلاي كورسير قولد 650 واط

١٤٨٫٢٣ $

# وصف المنتج:

مزود طاقة RM Series من Corsair

  • الماركة: كورسير، موديل: RM650M
  • القدرة: 650 واط، بكفاءة: 80+ Gold.
  • نوع الكابلات: Full Modular - فل موديلر، كابلات قابلة للنزع والتركيب، فل موديلر.
  • جميع الكابلات مغطاه بالفايبر المقوى ذو اللون الأسود يساعد على تنظيم الأسلاك بإحترافية.
  • يدعم كروت شاشة من AMD نسخ RX 6000 الجديدة، و NVIDIA نسخ RTX 3000 الجديدة.

# تفاصيل المنتج:

CORSAIR RM Series™ are fully modular, optimized for silence, and deliver gold-rated efficiency. Flat black modular cables help ensure fast and neat builds.

Brand: Corsair


Model: RM650M

Cabling: Full Modular

Efficiency: 80+ Gold


  • The Corsair RM650 is fully modular and optimized for silence and high efficiency.
  • It’s built with low-noise capacitors and transformers, and Zero RPM Fan Mode ensures that the fan doesn’t even spin until the power supply is under heavy load. And with a fan that’s custom-designed for low noise operation, it’s whisper-quiet even when it’s pushed hard.
  • 80 PLUS Gold rated efficiency saves you money on your power bill, and the low-profile black cables are fully modular, so you can enjoy fast, neat builds.
  • Like all Corsair power supplies, the RM650 is built with high-quality components and is guaranteed to deliver clean, stable, continuous power.
  • Want even more? Connect it to your Corsair Link system (available separately) and you can even monitor fan speed and +12V current directly from your desktop.


EPS12V Connector 2

Floppy Connector 0

PCIe Connector 4

SATA Connector 6

PATA Connector 4

  • ١٤٨٫٢٣ $
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