RGB Strip

Gamemax MRL-30 Aura ARGB Strip 45cm Gamemax

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# وصف المنتج:

شريط إضاءة Addressable RGB

متوافقة مع HUB كنترول و لوحات الأم التي تدعم AURA.

# المواصفات الفنية:-

الطول الشريط : 30 سم

الطول مع الكابل: 45 سم

الجهد : +5 فولت

حرارة التشغيل : -20°C – 60°C

التوصيل : 3 منافذ – ذكر وانثى

التصنيف المقاوم للماء: 67 IP

عدد الأضواء الليد : 15 ضوء

طريقة التثبيت : لاصق ذو وجهين

القدرة : 3.6 واط

التيار ” 0.72 امبير

التيار الاقصى : 0.72 امبير

# تفاصيل المنتج:


Connected to HUB controller or Motherboard AURA socket.easy fit additional PC lighting strip. Using your motherboard software you can sync the strip with your fans and case LEDS. Attach it to any part of your chassis using built in magnets or 3m adhesive tape.

It comes with 15 LEDs enabling incredible lighting, the Viper is made using 5050 LEDs, lighting every inch of your system.

The Viper is powered and controlled by a 5V 3pin AURA connector, no additional controller needed and can be synchronised with other ARGB devices, offering you have the ultimate control over all your system lighting.

Installation has never been easier with built-in magnets and 3m adhesive tape on the back allows you to fit on steel cases, aluminium or plastic, you can install without any screws creating a professional looking set up without any fuss.


  • Synchronized Addressable rainbow ARGB HUB and fan provide amazing lighting visuals. Use the Aura software to customize the color scheme to match your ultimate gaming build.
  • Motherboard Sync - You can now take your LED colour to new levels with the included ARGB motherboard connector, simply connect the 3pin header to your motherboard 

  • Design - The Strip is bright, flexible and an energy efficient LED strip which will instantly enhance the look of any PC you place the Strip in.
  • Connectors - The MRL Strip is powered using a 3pin AURA connection and is joined by a 3pin male link connector supports daisy chaining of multiple LED strips or ARGB 
  • Installation - Easy installation using the built-in magnets or the 3m strong adhesive tape on the back allows mounting on any device with a smooth surface.

  • LED Strip Length : 30 cm
  • Daisy Chain Cable Length : 45 cm
  • LED Rated Voltage : +5V
  • Operating Temperature : -20°C – 60°C
  • Connectors : 3 pin ARGB Male and Female
  • Waterproof Rating : IP67
  • LED Light Qty : 15pcs
  • Fit Method : by 3M dual layout sticker
  • LED Rated Power : 3.6W
  • LED Rated Current : 0.72A
  • LED Peak Current : 0.72A

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